Writing Genre

As you may have guessed from the address of this website, my favoured genre is unashamedly WW2, with a sprinkling of the ’sixties; partly because they were years of great passion and change, partly because I was around at the time and to quote Wordsworth: ‘Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive/but to be young was very heaven!’

BUT, if your idea of a good, page turning read is one filled with gratuitous violence, rape, bodice-ripping, explicit sex that misses not a grunt or thump, and chick-lit tales of women who climb the ladder of Big Business by trampling enfeebled men beneath their size three Jimmy Choo’s, then my books are not for you.

If on the other hand, you enjoy a good page-turning read laced with a soupçon of romance, strong plots and very human characters, both male and female, with believable sex lives and many of the problems, faults and foibles that beset the likes of you and me, we are obviously on the same wave length, so read on...

Due to the very difficult and frustrating climate in publishing, although my first book ‘And All Shall Be Well’, first published in the US and UK in 2002, found a ready and appreciative audience on this side of the Atlantic both in paperback and audio, no UK publisher has yet leapt from his/her office waving aloft a contract to publish the sequel, ‘Matthew’s Daughter’ and the many other novels which have been completed over the years since.

But since the era of desk top publishing arrived, I like many others have followed the route of self-publication and all my titles are made available from Sagittarius Publications, through Amazon as both paperbacks and Kindle e-book downloads. Paperbacks are also available from all good bookshops.

Best wishes to all readers; please do get in touch and let me know what you think of the offerings so far. I would value your comments, both complimentary and otherwise, and if there are any other struggling writers visiting this site who have been brave enough to take a step into doing their own thing, I’d like to hear from you too.