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All Shall Be Well
“And All Shall Be Well” - Synopsis

“And All Shall Be Well” is the first of a trilogy of novels and follows Francis Lindsey's journey through childhood to middle age; from a suddenly orphaned ten-year-old to an established artist. Taken on by his Aunt Emily, a sixty-something spinster, aided and abetted by the somewhat anarchic old priest, Father Con, Francis receives an unconventional and frequently exhilarating upbringing. One which helps prepare and support him in his wartime role of interpreter in a recently liberated German Work Camp, and his ultimately tragic first love affair with an Austrian survivor.
How the aftermath of the Holocaust helps shape his life and loves; his struggles to be faithful to the woman he eventually marries and his progress as an artist is the core of the book. It is a story about friendships, relationships and journeys, suffering and personal growth, courage and weakness, guilt and reparation, set mainly against the dramatic background of the Cornish Coast.
Amazon Reader: "A fabulous read"
Erica James (Author): "
A beautifully written novel. Eve Phillips writing is a pure joy"

YOT cover
“A Year Out of Time” - Synopsis

“A Year Out of Time” is the autobiographical story of one twelve year old girl from a "nice" middle-class background, and a "nice" private school (where her mother hoped she might learn to be a lady) who, in the autumn of 1940 finds herself pitched into the totally foreign environment of a small Worcestershire hamlet.
For the space of one year her life revolves around the village school and it's manic headmaster; the friends she makes, notably Georgie Little, the "bad influence", the twee but useful fellow evacuees, Mavis and Mickey Harper, whose possession of an old pig sty proves to be the springboard to some surprising and sometimes hilarious happenings; and Mrs 'Arris, the vast and formidable landlady of The Green Dragon Inn.
In the company of Georgie Little she awakens to the joys of a new and exhilarating world; a secret world which excludes most adults and frequently verges on the lawless.
The year comes to an explosive end and she returns unwillingly to her former life. But the joyous, anarchic influence of the Forest and Georgie remains, and sixty years on is remembered with gratitude and love.

Matthews Daughter
“Matthew’s Daughter” - Synopsis

When Caroline Penrose leaves her wartime service in the WAAF she returns to her father’s flower farm in Cornwall, hoping to find the peace and quiet she needs after the death of her Polish lover. But she soon becomes aware of an atmosphere of secrecy and intrigue between her father Matthew, her best friend Jenny, daughter of the rector Paul Tremaine, his wife Barbara and Grace Brendon, Matthew’s housekeeper.
The headstrong Caroline, caught up in the murky field of human relationships, is determined to confront what appears to be a conspiracy of silence, but her efforts open doors onto some even deeper and more complicated secrets. A journey with the enigmatic Frenchman Charles de la Tour across France in search of a missing wife and child and her subsequent involvement with the charming but dangerous to know Francis Lindsey, bring further revelations; some joyous, some distressing, others deeply moving; all of them to be resolved before Caroline can find the peace and fulfilment she desires.
Amazon Reader: "Fantastic book. Couldn’t put it down, brought tears to my eyes"
Joan M Moules (Author): "
A great read – kept me reading well into the night"

“The Changing Day” - Synopsis

The Changing Day begins in 1940, when a meeting between WREN Joanna Dunne and Navy Lieutenant Mark Eden is the start of a love affair that at first seems unlikely to stand the test of time. She is 22, single and an Oxford graduate; he is 36, married and in civilian life a country vet. She is attracted but not looking for romance, he is attracted but not looking for commitment and, as Joanna soon discovers, he is the black sheep of his family and has a very murky past.
Despite her initial mistrust and his resistance; against the backcloth of a war that ranges from a Hampshire port to the Cornish coast and from North Africa to Singapore, attraction deepens into love that in turn blossoms into a passionate affair.
But can their love survive five years of separations, misunderstandings, seemingly irreconcilable family conflict, tragedy and loss and the aftermath of war….?
Amazon Reader: "Naval life in WWII. A gripping read"

Beth AVPA front COVER
“A Very Private Arrangement” - Synopsis

In the spring of 1934 fourteen year old orphan Anna Farrell is transported from a life of drab, penny-pinching, genteel poverty with her cousin Ruth, to the elegant, affluent Bloomsbury household of distant cousin Patrick Farrell, owner of a successful antique gallery, and his manservant, Charlie Caulter. Naïve and young for her years, Anna is at first blissfully unaware of the well hidden secret kept by the two men, until a meeting with the quasi-charming Madame Gallimard and her sons becomes the catalyst that threatens to tear her world apart.
Against the backcloth of WW2 and a diversity of places and people; from Bloomsbury to Berlin, Army comrades to Polish partisans, with her beloved Patrick and Charlie to smooth her path through the inevitable pitfalls of first, second and last love, Anna matures from naïve young girl to confident young woman, well able to cope with the men in her life - and some of the women in theirs.
Amanda Barnes (Alton Gazette): "A really enjoyable book which has all the elements that you desire for a good book – suspense, romance, action and humour"

FalconField 2014
“Return to Falcon Field” - Synopsis

Following the death of his wife, Ryan Petersen, a professor of European Literature at a New England University, is offered a year’s exchange lectureship with London University. Accompanied by his matriarchal mother Hannah, who is hell-bent on finding him a new and more suitable wife, and his difficult young son, Joel, he arrives in swinging sixties London.
But in exchanging his native land for England the reserved, cynical, woman-wary Ryan has one even more compelling reason for crossing the pond - to find the woman with whom he had a passionate wartime love affair over twenty years before....

Amazon Reader: "Another Success for E.M.Phillips- a good read well researched"
Amanda Barnes (Alton Gazette): "Another enjoyable read. Easy to get into, hard to get out of. The characters stick in your mind and the storyline sucks you in"

“A Very Artistic Affair” - Synopsis

The year is nineteen sixty-five. After twenty years of marriage Olivia, a forty-five year old wife and mother, discovers that her husband, Giles, has fallen in love with a young actress half his age.
Already feeling the first stirrings of discontent as the conventional and dutiful wife of her far from faithful husband, and conscious that the Swinging Sixties is rapidly passing her by, a humiliated and angry Olivia leaves the family home, moves from Hampshire to Devonshire, discards her twin-set and pearls image, resumes her earlier career as an artist, acquires her own occasional lover and copes successfully with her teenage son’s burgeoning affair with a sculptor’s daughter.
But as the months pass neither Olivia nor Giles find the separate paths they have chosen free from difficulty. There is confrontation, conflict and pain as events take many unexpected, sometimes tragic, and sometimes farcical twists and turns, before either can leave the past behind them and move forward into a new, and hopefully more peaceful, future.
Amazon Reader: "Totally absorbing"
The Woman Writer Book Reviews: "A book to make you review your thoughts long after the final page has been turned"

“The Turning Point” - Synopsis

Growing up is hard to do. Even at twenty two...
Landscape photographer Cassandra Chisholm is permanently hard up. She has an absent father in Paris and a not very satisfactory lover in Cornwall. When she agrees to take publicity photos for middle-aged author Michael Niven, the process of growing up begins to accelerate at an alarming rate.
Unrequited love; unwanted revelations about her past, and the frightening prospect of leaving her Cornish home, has Cassie arriving at her own personal Turning Point. Aided by her thespian friend Jono, she begins work at a London Arts Centre, until a series of romantic misunderstandings and family disruptions send her bolting around the Home Counties pursued by an irate Michael and her bewildered father. Ultimately it is left to Michael’s own irascible octogenarian father Archie, whose many eccentricities include taking his pet ferret into battle on D Day and keeping a herd of politically incorrectly named pigs, to finally run Cassie to earth and restore peace and harmony between the warring parties. More or less.
Amanda Barnes (Alton Gazette): "A thoroughly entertaining novel with skilfully drawn characters"

Feet on Ground Front Cov
“Feet on the Ground” – Synopsis

Take an ex-professional soldier with an ex-wife, a delinquent teenage son, a cantankerous old manservant and a beautiful but neglected country house.
Add a strong-minded ex-PA, who has just lost both her job and her lover; toss in a hippy gardener with a colourful past, and a very large hairy dog with few social graces.
Deposit all on a gale-swept Cornish coast in mid-winter; stir vigorously, then stand well back and see what human chemistry can do to your heart...
Amazon Readers: "Absolutely delightful. A truly feel good tale"….."Lovely easy reading"….."Couldn’t put it down"

Harvest front cover
“All In The End Is Harvest” - Synopsis

There were those who said Sophie de Lacy had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and although the spoon may have been of silver it was a little tarnished, even before she was born and anyone on first meeting the de Lacy family en masse would have found her a little odd: because neither her parents, nor her grandmother, nor her older brother Rupert, had blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes and skin that had the same golden glow, whatever the season.
But Sophie had known ever since memory began that the man she called daddy was not her real father - he had been killed in a war that was almost over before she was born. In her child’s mind he was a shadowy figure; one who seldom entered her conscious thoughts and she was well into her teenage years before a casually overheard conversation and an old photograph album aroused her curiosity and began to furnish him with form and substance...
Eileen Sinclair: "In this book E.M. Phillips draws together the strands from the end of her previous novel Return to Falcon Field.  It is a cracking good read and highly recommended"